Prince Philip, The Duke of Edinburgh, is the grandson of King George I of Greece and his wife, Olga Constantinovna of Russia. Through her father, Olga was the granddaughter of Tsar Nicholas I and the niece of Tsar Alexander II. George was assassinated in 1913, and Olga returned to Russia where she opened a military hospital in Pavlovsk Palace. She was trapped in the hospital during the Russian Revolution in 1917 until the Danish Embassy intervened and helped her escape to Switzerland. Olga couldn’t return to Greece because her son, Constantine I, had been deposed. During the revolution, over half of Olga’s family had been murdered, including her second cousin, Tsar Nicholas II, and his family. Prince Philip was later asked if he would ever visit Russia, to which he replied, " I would love to go to Russia very much - although the bastards murdered half my family". 

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